Licensed Therapist, Health educator Entrepreneur, and Author Anim Aweh affectionally calls herself an inspiring interior decorator. It is only fitting since she has designed a career path filled with philanthropy, mentoring, and educating the public-at-large on mental health and wellness. 

Securing a master's in social work was a seed that was planted by her supervisor while she was working at the VA, doing outreach, and providing services to veterans. Anim credits the meteoric rise in her field to the keen guidance of her mentors and fellow trailblazers (all women).

She has coined the phrase Therapy Over Silence, which is tied to a social movement that addresses the unique needs of black and brown people in the mental health space. She believes that providing holistic approaches to mental health can effectively treat inner-city communities. Being the daughter of a Haitian and a Cameroon parents, she understands the cultural biases, nuisances, and even the frailties of this underserved and overlooked group. Consequently, she penned a children's book titled Elijah Was Brave, the first of its kind used to support black and brown families dealing with mental illness. 

Elijah Was Brave, but so is his creator who opened her own mental health practice in 2018. "I wanted to start my own practice to provide culturally sensitive support that was not dictated by insurance companies." 

When she's not rocking the mic, giving talks on mental health, or carrying out her duties as a board advisor and consultant for a Boston based nonprofit, she's relaxing on the beach with her family and friends in tow.


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