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In 2018, I did something did big—I launched Aweh Support, LLC., an online mental health practice that provides a judgment-free zone for African American women in pursuit of counseling. As the daughter of Haitian and Cameroon parents, I know that my people have a lot of work to do when it comes to addressing mental health issues. With mental health being such as a sensitive topic, there was no doubt in my mind that traditional ways of treating it, just wouldn't cut it. I needed a more holistic approach—something that intertwined health and wellness because let's face it, poor health and life maintenance are great sources of depression, anxiety, and development of behavioral conditions. 

Moreover, before I could even think about treating my patients, I needed to help them break down the walls that prevent them from seeking therapy in the first place. Consequently, I started a social movement, Therapy Over Silence— a term coined by moi. On my watch, no one will ever be shamed into silence and getting the help that they need. 

Starting my own practice was best the way I could achieve my vision that wouldn't be dictated by health insurance companies who don't understand the nuisances of treating black women. 

Another proud moment was penning my first children's book, Elijah Was Brave, a must-read for black and brown families dealing with a child with mental health issues. 

Treating mental health conditions, although taxing at times, is very rewarding. I see the fruits of my labor when my patients make headways and discover their own purpose life, the same way I discovered mine many moons ago in high school.